Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chugging along

Man this blog has been sad lately.... I haven't really been cooking all that much, when I do muster up the energy to cook it's not that exciting. I'm still eating carbs carbs carbs. Somehow, at 35 weeks pregnant, I've only gained around 23 pounds, but we still have time, plus there is no room left to eat large quantities of food!

I did make that Beer Braised Beef & Marsala Mushroom Cream sauce again though. YUM. That is a new favorite.

We went apple picking last weekend and I made an apple pie.... I cheated and bought the Jillian's GF pie crusts. I know I made pie crusts from scratch in the past that I liked, but cannot find the recipe - anyone have a good GF (not too difficult) pie crust recipe to share?

I am LOVING this cooler fall weather. I've never looked forward to Fall more than this year, for obvious reasons, and look forward to cooking more on Sundays with the new baby at home, having a Harpoon Pumpkin Cider (I just heard about this! Can't wait to try it after the baby - anyone else tried it? is it good??) and of course, wearing cozy sweaters again.

Actually yesterday it was cool enough here for a sweater & sneakers, first time I haven't worn flip flops in weeks! Summer was great, but bring on the Fall!


Anonymous said...

I've read that harpoon ciders are not gf so double check!

Allie said...

hey anon - thanks!

from what I've read online, this one is gluten free...

i also just found a woodchuck pumpkin cider, also GF.

Jen said...

I emailed Harpoon a while ago and they confirmed their cider is GF. :)

Love the pic!!!!!! :)

Bill hates mushrooms but I want to make that Beer Braised Beef & Marsala so bad!! I'm just going to make it, he needs to expand is horizons!