Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Udi's GF Bread - I'm an official fan.

I have been hearing so much about Udi's gluten free bread, and I finally got my hands on a loaf of the Whole Grain GF Bread. I was at my local natural foods grocer and they only had two loaves left, the woman there said this flew off the shelves, so I was happy to get in there when I did!

You people weren't kidding. This bread is awesome. It tastes great toasted AND un-toasted. I actually brought a sandwich to work the other day! And it was in one piece!

So thank you blog-world for the heads up on this product! Now, Udi's just needs to get itself in all of our local grocery stores!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Joan's now has GF Bialys!

Ever had a Bialy?

Before I was GF -- I used to love going to to get either a "real" bagel or a bialy whenever I was visiting NYC. My Mom used to talk about when she was commuting to Manhattan and smelling all of the people eating bialy's on the train in the morning - STINKY!

Joan's GF Great Bakes has developed a gluten free bialy! A bialy is a soft, chewy yeast roll that has a compression in the center with cut up onion, salt and poppy seeds (and garlic usually, but Joan's has no garlic).

Pardon the terribly dark iPhone pic - but I snapped it quick before I ate obe! I didn't wait for them to fully defrost, so they may have been puffier if I followed the instructions better, but I really wanted to eat them right away, and I thought they were delicious! I put a little whipped cream cheese on one and thought it was delicious.

I LOVE Joans! It's too bad her products are just so darn expensive!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Awesome day.

I officially own a home!!!!!!!! My husband & I closed last night. yay.

OK, life can start getting back to normal soon! Moving this weekend, can't wait to have a kitchen to myself (been living with family for 7 months!).... I have really missed being able to cook all the time. I have a gigantic list of recipes I've been saving from all you fab bloggers out that there I need to try out!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Julie’s Organic Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Umm, YUM.... Where can I find these?!?! Just saw that Julie's Organic Ice Cream partnered with GlutenFreeda to make these delicious-looking ice cream sandwiches.

They are made with a combination of vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate cookies (made with rice flour), and it is listed that it will be $5 for 4 sandwiches... they also say "available at supermakets" but I haven't seen them anywhere, and I will definitely start looking! I bet I can find these at Whole Foods. I will update after I find & try them!

Just in time for summer!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Are Kix gluten free???

Hi everyone!

I just saw that the Kix box was re-designed and went to their site to check 'em out and notice there appear to be no gluten in the ingredients!!! Could it be?

But why are they not labeled gluten free??

According to someone from General Mills: "Kix has been reformulated so that it no longer contains oats. However, the company has decided not to specifically label Kix gluten free nor claim it to be so, as cross-contamination is still a possibility".

Soooo.... they removed oat flour from the recipe, but they're not making them in a dedicated facility, why don't they just manufacture Kix with Chex & the GF Bisquick?! Problem solved!

Anyway - i'm rushing to go to a meeting -- but anyone heard anything about Kix or eaten them? They (along with cheerios) were my favorite cereal growing up!

**UPDATE: I ate the kix & did not feel any effects of glutening (be aware though, that I am not as sensitive as some and am not sure many times that I have been accidentally glutened) anyway - they don't taste as amazing as I remember, but they're definitely good.