Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breakfast on the go

I was in a rush this morning so I had to eat on the train on my way in to work. I had my first Udi's bagel, my coffee in my awesome no-leak to-go mug, and read my book "Wolf Hall" - which is a GREAT book if you love reading historical fiction about Henry VIII and the Boleyn drama.

The bagel was definitely good, not crazy-insane-best-ever like the sliced Udi's bread - but definitely good. They have the best texture for a bagel, and they're a normal size, actually they're pretty big. They only come 4 to a bag, and I found them at Whole Foods, which was a bonus. I think I just had crazy high standards after the bread since it is literally the greatest thing ever. But I would definitely get these bagels again!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweet Treat

I don't know why, but the last couple months I have been loving snacking on marshamallows in the afternoon. My sister is OBSESSED with marshmallows, she eats them all the time for snacks.

I get a sweet craving about early-mid afternoon and I don't really like sweet that much, I usually like salty, crunchy things (I have a legit chip problem) - but I find that a large handful of marshmallows totally fulfills that craving, and is low in calories.

Anyway - these freshly made marshmallows from Whole Foods are excellent.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pizzetta - Mystic CT

I was in the Rhode Island area this glorious almost-summer weekend and Matt and I decided to head to Mystic, CT on Saturday night for dinner. If you've never been to Mystic, it's a great little town with some fabulous restaurants and cute little shops, you may also remember the movie "Mystic Pizza" from the late 80s. There is also a great natural foods store that used to be one of the few places I could find my gluten free favorites!

Anyway - it was a strange night in Mystic because they were having power outages. We went to S&P Oyster to sit out on the patio, we found out their kitchen was closed, but we had a drink and a salad and enjoyed being right on the river. They also have a separate gluten free menu here! I was planning on Lobster Tacos, but we left to go see which restaurants still had power so we could eat. We strolled by Azu, which is also great & gf-friendly, but sadly, no lights on here either.

So we kept going up the street and ran into Mystic Pizza, which was JAM PACKED, and I can't eat anything there anyway. But we kept walking and saw a sign for Pizzetta just around the corner and went to go check it out. It was an adorable little restaurant set up in an old Victorian home. There was seating on the wrap-around deck, and then the restaurant was split into what was probably a sitting room and dining room. Adorable. Best part? We take a look at the menu & in a large call-out they were advertising gluten free pizza! SCORE. They also have dairy-free cheese. We sat down, had some wine, and ordered. I was thrilled to stumble upon pizza and we were just happy they had power!

I got mine with plum tomato sauce, mozz, fresh ricotta and broccoli. Matt got a non-gf with pepperoni, sausage and jalepenos (gross).... Our pizza was delieverd - and YUM. Excellent. I'm about 95% sure they use Against the Grain's pizza crust. If it's not, it tastes EXACTLY like it - which is fine with me. I love that crust, it's made with mozzarella cheese in it and it's delish.

About 10 minutes after we got our pizza, every light in the place went out - the server brought out candles for all the tables... it was pretty fun actually. I was just glad our pizza's made it through the oven while it was still on!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beantown Bride

My wedding is being featured today, and I think tomorrow on!

I wish I could do the day all over again exactly the same!!!

(sorry - totally not gluten free related, although our cake/cupcakes were all gluten free courtesy of CeliaCakes!!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nature's Own GF Bread!!

Nature's Own has come out with two different kinds of gluten free bread!!! Healthy Multi-Grain and Extra Fiber White! You can CLICK HERE to go to their website to get nutritional information and ingredients for these new products. It looks as though it is currently only in limited release in the Atlanta, GA area at Publix and Kroger --- I'm so jealous of all of you in Atlanta/Athens area!! Hopefully all goes well in this test market and we'll all have this in our supermarkets soon!

There is a full article on here.

Let me know if you try it and how it is!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

ugggh... not cool.

I just ordered in PF Changs for lunch (we have DiningIn at my work and once or twice a week PF Changs is on the list) -- anyway, they have a gluten free ordering section, so I got the Egg Drop Soup and chicken fried rice.

Well - I am currently feeling bloated, can feel my stomach gurgling, feel dizzy, kinda out-of-it and I have a headache.

Sh*t - did I just get glutened? I haven't been glutened in MONTHS, maybe even a year.

UGHHHH. So angry with PF Changs right now - my order said GF, and they delivered with GF soy sauce. I feel like this is my fault, I shouldn't order in food this way I guess - but I've ordered a few other times and I've been fine.

Great night for a ball game!

Had a blast at the Sox game last night! It was probably the most perfect weather for a game ever - and Ortiz had a home run!

Anyway - first off - I didn't get a picture of my amazing meal at Burton's before the game - but I had a couple of RedBridge, and a fried haddock sandwich (yes, bread & all!!) with fries. OMG, YUM. Burton's Grill is the greatest. It's not really that cheap, but I think totally worth it, the service is excellent, and they always seem attentive and careful about the gluten free food.

Then we went to Fenway and look what I saw:

So funny! It's a tiny little section with a few bags of chips! haha, I definitely appreciate the effort though. The words "GLUTEN FREE" jumped out at me as we were rushing to our seats and I quickly took this picture on my phone. Sadly, no RedBridge at Fenway park that I could find, but I bet that day is coming!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

SOX game tonight!

Heading to the Red Sox game tonight --- perfect night for it! And even better, we're meeting up with friends at Burton's Grill before the game to eat some GF food and drink GF beer (Redbridge)!!! LOVE that Burton's is right next to Fenway!

I was just looking for a Blogger App for my iPhone but there doesn't appear to be one, or at least a good one -- do any of you 'Blogger' Bloggers use an app that is good? I was goign to "live-blog" at the game. Oh well! I'll just have to update tomorrow....