Thursday, January 05, 2012

More on Glutino's Genius bread

So I posted the other day about Glutino's Genius Multigrain bread. I've made a few more things so I thought I'd share. It's been holding up pretty good! Although, to my own fault, it says to keep frozen, but I like to keep in the fridge (as I usually go through the loaf within a week) but I'm noticing it's starting to get a little crumbly. But the flavor is so normal! So is the size!

Here is my normal sized boring sandwich I had for lunch today:

This weekend we went with french toast. I wanted to do a baked french toast, but my husband wanted his gluten-filled baguette so I just did it on the stove. Held up well!

gross - could I put more syrup on those 2 slices?

(sorry for the terrible pics)