Thursday, October 23, 2008

Schar Brand

Thanks for all the well-wishes everyone! I'm already in the thick of wedding planning!

Anyway.... When I was at "A New Leaf" in Needham, I found a brand I had heard about but never tried - Schar. I decided to get their "Classic White Bread" first, see if I like it, then try some of their other products.  Overall - I really like it!

The pieces are very small (typical) but the taste is great - there is no strange gluten free taste - it's just good & doesn't take away from whatever you're eating with it. I can't remember how much this bread cost, but I know it wasn't cheap. So I'm torn, because I like the product, but don't think I can afford to keep it stocked in my pantry.

Anyway - have you tried this or any of their products? I may go back & get the pizza crust!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Why I haven't been around.....

I got engaged last weekend!!!!!!! :) :)

It was the perfect long weekend, and we were in the perfect place... it couldn't have been better, and I was SO SURPRISED!!! I'm still in shock a bit, but am so happy! 

We are so excited to start planning our wedding and want to get married somewhere in August - October 2009 - just under a year from now! I'm sure there will be a few related blog posts moving forward.

I'll get back to business next week, but for now I've just been so busy making calls, visiting, and telling "the story" over & over again... not to mention that work is incredibly busy right now! Grr -- all I want to do is stay on cloud 9 and dream about the big day!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A New Leaf - Needham, MA

I finally made it to "A New Leaf" in Needham, MA! (thanks to rochelle for reminding me it was there) - WOW, this place was STOCKED with the most gluten free food I've ever seen!

Check it out! This place is TINY and totally stocked from floor to ceiling. It was like a gluten-free dream. They had all the brands I've seen before, and lots that I had never heard of, or had only read about online. I grabbed a basket and it was overflowing within minutes. I decided to get mostly new things that I had never tried before, and got a couple things that were screaming my name (Joan's English Muffins, for example).

One of the most exciting new things I found was Conte's Gluten Free Pasta... Ever tried this before? I bought their frozen pierogies, ravioli and gnocchi.... SO EXCITING. I will warn you though, this stuff is not cheap. The 3 packages I purchased ranged in price from $7.99 - $11.99. Yowzah! 

I decided to go for the Pierogies first -- these used to be a favorite meal in college for some reason. I think they must have sold them at the shop around the corner, so I was really excited to see these -- and they tasted just like I remembered! I just added a bit of butter on top and ate up the entire bowl in about 2 seconds.

So I had actually gone to this store to find pre-made apple pie crusts, which they were sold out of - but that was OK, I bought some mixes to try... Perhaps you will see that in an upcoming post.
Finally -- the woman working at the store said that the owner wanted to help out those eating gluten free so he is offering 10% off all gluten free items in the store -- which is awesome. 

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bob's Red Mill GF Oats

Marlow was right!

I had a bag of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats in my pantry that I opened this morning and the Oats tasted like peanuts! Actually when I was cooking them I could smell the peanut aroma. 

So, in case any of you have the same problem, it looks like Bob's Red Mill had some quality issues with their oats (a representative commented on Marlow's page).

I wonder how we can tell which bags are OK??