Thursday, October 27, 2011

Woefully behind on posting

helloooo.... is that an echo? Probably.

I have had little to no time to post. I barely have time to do anything - work has just been all consuming the past 6 months, well, year probably... Maybe this winter I'll get back into it.

On a positive note, I was working last saturday at my husbands office (so sad that we work on saturdays - but we worked together! which made it semi-fun)... I googled "gluten free andover" (his office is in andover, ma) - and found gluten free pizza at Stachey's in North Andover! There is also one in Salem, NH - which is where my sister in law lives!

EXCELLENT pizza. Like - almost-not-sure-if-it's-really-gluten-free good.

Yeah - I polished that whole pie shown above.

Love the bountiful gluten free options these days!