Monday, September 24, 2012

Charley's on Newbury Street

I've been a fan of Charley's on Newbury street for a loooong time. We used to go there when I was in college, especially to enjoy their brunch.

So this past weekend we were strolling around on Newbury and decided to head there for lunch to sit outside on the patio. I had heard they had a gluten free menu a year or two ago but haven't had a chance to visit.... and I was not disappointed!

I ordered the gluten free margherita pizza (gf pizza is my new favorite food that i must have at least once a week).

To my surprise they brought out some gluten free bread to start that was DELICIOUS.... it was slightly warm & looked like this:

Then the pizza came, and it was brought over by the manager and he reassured me it was gluten free... While he was there I had to ask what brand the bread was, but it wasn't anything local or that consumers can buy. Bummer.

Anyway - the pizza was delicious - the crust was so good. I ate almost this entire thing.

I would DEFINITELY go back - I hear they have gluten free english muffins for brunch, among other things.

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