Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So... I'm married! Yay!!! The wedding was AMAZING. Everything was perfect, it was a gorgeous day, it was SO MUCH FUN, and it was truly the greatest day of my life. That being said! I'm soooo glad the planning is DONE. Everything was great, and I did most of the things I wanted to, but the months of nightmares about my dress not fitting, the flowers not working out, the chance of rain, etc etc were starting to bother me, so I was just so happy when the day was here and I just let everything happen.

I was lucky in the food department - didn't get gluten-sick at all leading up to the wedding, the day of, or once on the honeymoon which was great! I had two favorite foods at the wedding. First, I had a mashed potato bar at the cocktail hour. My FAVORITE food - it was so fun & everyone loved it. There were two kinds, yukon gold or smashed red bliss mashed potatoes with about 15 different toppings. I only regret I didn't get seconds.

My other favorite was my wedding cake/cupcakes done by CeliaCakes. Let me tell you - this was a huge hit! No one even knew all the cupcakes were gluten free - we did two flavors. Vanilla with vanilla buttercream, and chocolate with mocha buttercream YUUUUUM. I only had one at the wedding, but took an entire box home with me for the next day and ate three more. I even had some last week that were frozen and they were STILL good! THANKS CELIACAKES!!!

A closeup of the mini-cake that we cut into that is now in the freezer at my in-laws.

The gorgeous cupcake display that CeliaCakes set up for me.

And now it's over, I'm married to the greatest guy and I have tons of gorgeous pictures to remind me of the most perfect day thus far. I haven't been on line too much - since getting back to work I have been extremely busy, and we have a lot going on so I don't have much time to cook or blog about it. But I'll be back when I have anything interesting to report ;)