Thursday, May 24, 2007

An amazing restaurant & gluten free ruminations

Life has been moving and happening so quickly that I've barely been able to get anything done lately, and this blog has fallen by the wayside.

SO much is happening right now, I'm not really sure where to start. Also, I'm feeling more and more that the gluten-free thing is just part of every day, and not something that I'm always thinking about. On the same note, I've been feeling so great and have so much energy, which some people have been pointing out to me, I feel I've really come a long way.

I've also realized, as of late, that compared to some other bloggers I read out there, I just don't think I'm as "careful" as most. For example, eating out for me is not a big huge ordeal, I go, I try to eat whatever is the safest if I'm not already at a gluten free restaurant, and I'm fine. A lot of this has to do with my sister - as I've mentioned before, she's been gluten free for almost 4 years - and she's doing great. Before being diagnosed she was loosing weight, in a lot of pain, and super cranky... so I've seen her transformation, and compared to the things I read online, she is so chilled out about it, which is great. We recently took my parents out for dinner, and she barely asked any questions, she just picked & ordered (and we were not at a gluten free restaurant). Of course there was the "no croutons on my salad please" comment, and we all ate, and it was delicious (ooh i had the most amazing polenta/sundried tomato/roasted red pepper combo) - and we were fine.

So whats the deal here? Are we possibly just less sensitive than others? Is that possible? I'm sure that if any gluten is injested accidentally it's a bad thing internally, but both of our follow up appointments are always positive & great. We're feeling great. All good things... and I would say I tend to eat out at least twice a week, if not more....

I'm sure it has a lot to do with the person, and there are so many different opinions out there among doctors, celiacs, etc, but I've just been wondering alot lately about just how careful I need to be. Don't get me wrong here - I'm not going to go out and eat a pizza and drink beer - and I would never do that just for sh*ts & giggles - but I'm not going to stop eating out in restaurants, at least not at this point in my life....

Which leads me to the most amazing dinner experience I've had in years and years. Matt, myself and another couple went to a super swanky, very well known restaurant in dinner last week. I've wanted to eat at this place for about 10 years, but it's insanely expensive so I never went. But our friends had a big gift certificate and they decided to take us. (WOO HOO)

This was the kind of place where a jacket was required, we had about 8 waiters, and I must say it was the BEST SERVICE EVER. They do a prix-fixe here - so I called ahead to let them know about my diet issues - and they said absolutely no problem. Great. Bring it on.

So we get there and the maitre'd passed along the gluten free info, and one of the waiters spoke to me and basically said order whatever I want - they can do it gluten free. Turns out - this waiters mother has celiac so he is well aquainted with my needs. Great.

I was extremely excited when he recommended the tempura (tempura!!!) soft shell-crab with caviar & pineapple. Oh. My. God.

I looove soft shell crab, and it happens to be in season, and the waiter told me that this was made only with some cornstarch. I don't know what magic the chef did to create this plate, but there are no words for how amazing it was. Oh & this place was also big in bringing out various "amuse bouche" from the Chef. Now here was where I was getting really impressed. Each time they brought these little treats out - mine was on a separate plate, and made specially sans gluten. WOW.

There was also a nice little touch that when the bread was served (and they had a big tray with 6 or 7 different types) one of the waiters had slipped away my bread plate, and the server knew not to ask me. Now THAT is attention to detail.

My dinner was a fabulous sirloin, i sampled the lobster, and there were even a few dessert options - I went for the assortment of sorbets.

I wish I could go all the time, but the dinner for the four of us cost about what I make per week after taxes. YIKES. But worth it...

OK - this has turned into a HUGE post. I'll try to be back more... OH and I never posted about Wagamama. i will do that - but I've been three times now, and it's been great each time!!!