Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Eating

Ever since the wedding ended, I've just been eating! It helps that I don't have to wear bathing suits anymore, and no longer need to worry about my wedding dress & how I'll look in pictures....

I think a little also has to do with the change in weather. It's starting to get cold, bulkier clothes are coming out - I tend to start eating more comfort food, happens every year. Do you do this too?

We have been traveling a lot in northern New Hampshire, it's been so beautiful - we've been hiking, visiting friends, 4-H-Fairing, etc.... We were in my husband's college town (Plymouth, NH) & visited his favorite deli, which we visit at least once or twice a year. They make THE BEST sandwiches. And I say that having eaten them PRE GF, and POST GF. The place is super cool, cozy - they have a bar, and serve popcorn. It's really great.

What's also great about them - they're super good about my gluten-free-ness - I always bring a loaf of gluten free bread with me, and get my favorite, the most decadent of sandwiches --- The Rueben.

YUUUUUMMMM. They have huge sandwiches, and since the gf bread is so small, they always make me two. They set out sheets of tin foil and prepare my sandwich on there - and toast the bread in the oven on the foil.... I think they get a lot of other GF eaters.

They also serve Redbridge, so the place is basically money. Here is a rather gross picture of my lunch:

FILTHY. Love it.

We were so full from this late lunch, we didn't even eat dinner. But there is my GF Reuben - in all it's greasy glory. Made on Glutino Flax Seed Bread. And a giant pickle. ugh. so good.