Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween today - not that I'm dressing up or anything, but still a good excuse to eat sweets, speaking of which; my favorite gluten free candy bar:
YUM. I bought a whole bag of the minis thinking there is a slight chance I could get a trick-or-treater or two in my building. Chances are, I won't - which leaves more for me!

What's your favorite gluten free candy???

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

First Legal Seafoods Experience

I made it to Legals this past weekend for my first gluten free dining experience. YUM!

It was so great to have an entire menu that was gluten free and I could eat anything that I wanted!

I started with the hot crab dip with "seafood crackers" -- I think they were rice crackers, they were hot, and fried and great! Then I got the Seafood Casserole (had shrimp, lobster, white fish, scallops) which had a sherry butter sauce & gluten free breadcrumbs! It was excellent. It was great service too -- the manager brings over the gluten free dish, and the waitress brought over everyone elses... I guess they do that so that you know your food is prepared separately, and is, in fact, gluten free & "special". We had sorbet for dessert too... Can't wait to go back! I highly recommend it if there is one near you!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apple Pie & Lasagna

OK -- haven't posted in a while, busy!

So, the lasagna was DELICIOUS! It didn't even taste gluten free, have I said how much I love Tinkyada pasta yet? This is certainly not a lasagna for those with lactose issues - it had 4 kinds of cheese & was great!

The apple pie however, was not so good. The crust wasn't really great, needed something else - maybe some honey or something? And on top of that - I was just trying to remember how to make it (no recipe) which was silly, I forgot to put sugar on the apples! Woops... It was kindof gross. I usually also like pie's to have a top layer of crust... I should try that almond flour crust next time that someone recommended. Anyway, experiments are good right?