Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New product find!

I was doing some grocery shopping a few weeks ago at Market Basket in Newburyport (loooove Market Basket) and found something new. Goldbaum's gluten free brown rice pasta! I love trying new things, and I was especially happy to see that this was only $1.99 a bag!!

I think this pasta tastes GREAT! I'm usually a Tinkyada eater - but I was a big fan of this pasta. The only problem - I've only seen this product in that one location, and that grocery store isn't really near me. I will just have to stock up whenever I'm nearby... I would recommend giving it a try if you see it though! It holds up very well, doesn't break apart, and tastes normal.

What's your favorite pasta? My sister is a big Bionaturae fan.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bridal Showers

Hmm, this is turning into a bit of a wedding blog... Oh well. Only a few weeks left, then I'll be back to trying to find GF bread that is widely available, doesn't crumble into 50 pieces and tastes somewhat normal.

SO - I had two showers, which worked out great because having two smaller groups was much more intimate, and I had more opportunities to chat with everyone. The first was thrown by my sister at my parents house. She also has Celiac, so there were LOTS of GF goodies. She also made a delicious sparkling raspberry champagne punch that I couldn't stop drinking... I even had my own name tag to know which glass was mine. ;)

She also made cute little GF tags in all the foods that were OK to eat.

There was only one silly game, but it was pretty funny, and they did it while we opened presents which was nice - since I wasn't a huge fan of everyone staring at me while opening gifts I had already picked out. The game was seeing if I answered questions the same as Matt, and I did NOT do well, to my defense, his answers were ridiculous. ;)

My sis also had a TON of amazing GF desserts. I only had the pink cupcakes you can see in the background, but there were GF cheesecakes w/ lemon curd, brownies and cookies. YUM.

THEN - We have the MA shower, thrown by my lovely Aunt in her gorgeous home. Matt's mother brought a DELICIOUS and beautiful gluten free cake from this place called Heavenly Fodder in Manchester, NH. Their website isn't very attractive - but their products are, and they are FABULOUS. She brought the carrot cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. SO GOOD. it almost tastes a big like spice cake, not too carroty.

There was present opening, with the help of the flower girl:

And of course, champagne drinking:

And my aunt made this cool tree of peacock favors (my wedding theme is peacock), and a painting she did that was used for the invitation as well. Incredible!

Both showers were really incredible! I had so much fun and I got some amazing gifts, and it was just really fun to hang with all the women in my life! Wedding in 3 weeks!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What I've been doing the past few weekends

Wedding invitation construction.... I was down at my parents house for the long weekend and spent most of my time there at the kitchen table, glass of wine nearby, cutting, trimming, sticking, taping, licking, and addressing.

Here's a peek:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One month till the wedding!

Matt sent me these flowers today in recognition that our wedding day is exactly 1 month from today!! I have been absolutely crazed -- sorry I haven't been around. My wedding is in a month (woohoo!) and one of my best friends got married this past weekend so I've been on bridesmaid duties.

Matt is taking the Bar exam in 2 weeks, we have to move in 2.5 weeks (still haven't found a place to move) and work is busier than ever right now.... Everything is happening at once!!!!! Stress-city.

Will try to post & keep you updated on the next month ;) OR - you'll just hear more from me in September when we're back from the honeymoon.