Friday, February 24, 2012

A few things...

Hi there.... Hope everyone is well. I haven't been posting much, mostly because I haven't really been cooking much, also haven't had many new GF finds to share - although when they do pop up, I will share.

When I do cook, I've been trying to make us healthy-ish meals (to balance the inevitable Friday night pizza order)... The other night I baked salmon with lemon (and just a little butter), and roasted Kale - KALE CHIPS! They are sooooo good. We love them. And it's so simple. I think I also made some spicy brown rice with red pepper.

To balance out healthier evenings. I've been eating out at lunch more than I should (as evidenced by my previous Uno Due Go post).... The big news is that Chipotle opened around the corner from my office. DANGEROUS. it's soooo delicious. And almost the entire menu is gluten free, here's a link to the ingredients/allergy info. And here is my massive chicken bowl with almost everything on it the other day:

Oh, and a new GF beer find: New Planet "Tread Lightly Ale" beer. It was OK. Not my fave. It was $10 for a 4-pack, so I'll probably stick to Redbridge - but some of you might like this. New Planet has a few varieties of GF beer as well!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Uno Due Go - Serves GF Pizza!

I haven't been cooking much because of my crazy work schedule - so I found myself having to buy lunch again the other day, and took to Google to see if MAYBE there were any new spots in downtown Boston that had gluten free options.

To my surprise - there was! Uno Due Go. It's part of Uno's Pizzeria - and it looks like there are 5 locations so far - Boston, Cleveland, Whitewater WI, and two in DFW Dallas airport.

I've had a pizza-problem lately (can't stop eating it when I find it GF) - so I walked over (On Summer St in Boston) and ordered myself a tomato & cheese thin-crust GF pizza.

It took a little while - but I noticed that the guy I ordered from went around behind the pizza oven to an area in the back where they made my GF pizza - assuming it was to avoid cross contamination, which was great. The GF pizza was also only $7, which I think is a pretty good deal. It's not huge, but it's not tiny either. The box was the size of my keyboard. Look how delish:

The sauce was really good - so was the crust actually - normal tasting. Had a good crunch on the edges. It was a bit of a walk from my office so I carried it in the 35-degree weather back, so it was a little cold by the time I got back, but that didn't finish me from devouring the whole thing.


I LOVE that I can get pizza near my office if I want it. My GO-TO used to be NEBO - and I still love them, but their pizza, which is smaller than this, is $16 -- and it has a faint weird GF taste, this definitely doesn't. The other thing that's bad about this place is it's right around the corner from my gym. I see a lot of wasted work-outs in my future.