Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Woodman's - Essex, MA

Wow - it's been so long since I posted that Blogger has an entirely new format! Yikes.

There's been A LOT going on up here as of late! All great things - but a lot at once!

We were up in Essex, MA this past weekend and just HAD to stop by Woodman's to try their famous fried clams - and guess what - yep, they're gluten free!

Actually, we found out when we were there that everything on the menu is gluten free except the onion rings, clamcakes, and all the sandwiches (bread)... but if you're lookin' for fried clams, (among other fried things) fries, and clam chowder - you're in luck.  We made sure to tell them when ordering I was gluten free - and they made sure not to put the onion rings on my heap of fried goodness.

YUM. This was WAY too many clams for me - I only ate about less than half, husband had some, but he had his own plate to deal with --- so I would recommend sharing. But it was all really good - and I LOVE tartar sauce. I would eat it on everything.

The chowder was really good - Matt's was a little watery, which was weird, because mine was thick and full of potatoes & clams - so I guess I picked the right one out of the box.

If you're ever in Essex, stop by --- I plan on going back this summer! Plus - there are some fabulous antique shops lining the streets if you feel up for a little antiquing to walk off your fried food.