Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New gluten free bread find

Genius by Glutino's Multigrain Sandwich bread mainly caught my eye due to its 'normal' size. I am a big Udis fan, but sometimes I just wish the slices were bigger!

This loaf has nice big thick slices and tastes really good - like, normal bread. It's also very light, no dense brick-like bread here.

I keep looking for bread that has a little more nutrition in it - I'm not sure this is it. But it's good!

This bread would probably make excellent French Toast.

Have you tried Genius? Did you like it? Better than Udis?


tanya ci said...

I tried Genius in the UK in 2009 and thought it was fantastic especially as Udi's was not here yet.

Holly said...

Pricewise, how does it compare to Udi's? My biggest barrier to keeping Udi's in the house is the cost. Nearly $6 for maybe six sandwiches.

Allie said...

Holly - I keep meaning to check the price on this and keep forgetting! but I do know that this is more expensive than Udi's.

I happened to buy this at a natural food store that tends to charge more for everything though. For example, Udi's at this place is around $1.50 more than at my local chain grocery store (where I usually buy it) I tend to buy more new items to try here.

Cibophiliac Celiac said...

Love the gluten-free bread search. I'm a sandwich maniac. Have you tried any of the Schar's products? They are available at Wegmans. Their baguette is phenomenal, and they have a smaller roll that makes pretty good hot sandwiches. Also, Against The Grain is really good for things like meatball sandwiches and subs (well, I call them hoagies cause I'm from Philly)