Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pancakes & Sausages

OK - grocery shopping wasn't so bad, I was being overdramatic. I DID spend over $100, but I also bought a cart full of stuff. This Shaw's also had a decent little GF section.

SO for breakfast this morning we made some delightful pancakes and sweet italian sausages. I used the Kinnikinnick pancake & waffle mix - for the first time to actually make pancakes (see below: used for Apple "Crisp" first time). They were great! Tasted just like regular old pancakes. I screwed up the recipe too because I wasn't paying attention - just added more mix - and still they turned out well. Throw a couple of sausages on and YUM. Now why can't get just get diners to make gluten free meals like this?? Maybe in the future.

Happy Saturday!

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