Saturday, September 09, 2006

Foods that I LOVE right now.

Since I'm still getting used to this diet, I'm in adjustment mode still. Sometimes I still think I can eat pizza, but alas, i cannot... Unless it's Amy's GF frozed.

SO - food that I'm SO happy I've found are the following:

1. ALL Kinnikinnick Prodcuts (especially the bagels & baking mixes), check them out: Kinnikinnick's Site

2. Tinkyåda Pasta. Tastes like real pasta! This is a big deal to me because pre-diagnosis, I ate at least a pound a week, here they are: Tinkyada's Site

3. And finally, LARABARS... YUM. Just ordered a case of these, perfect as snacks to bring place where people just don't get it, their site is pretty cool too: LaraBar's Site

We'll leave it at those three for now. All those out there who are experienced gluten-free shoppers are probably well aware of these, but for the newbies like me - get these!


Anonymous said...

Some of the Gluten Free Pantry mixes are very good (rivaling non-GF options); I like the "Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix" and "Our Favorite Coffee Cake."

Anonymous said...

Pamela's mixes are also very tasty! Try using her Pancake and Baking mix as a crisp/cobbler topping or for pancakes; I use it as my all-purpose mix. Both Pamela's flour and Larabars are available from (so check for sales) and Pamela's is available, in bulk, from Amazon Grocery (along with many other GF foods).

Michelle said...

Where do you buy Kinnikinnick products in Boston?


Allie said...

Hey Michelle --

I'm glad you asked this - I USED to buy all of my Kinnikinnick products at Omni Foods in Chestnut Hill (on Rte 9)... UNFORTUNATELY, they just closed!! I was so bummed, still am. I actually had one of their bagels this morning. So I'm thinking I will have to order online from now on, unless I find someone else who sells it - I will keep you & everyone posted on my findings...

Let me know if you find anything in the area!