Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My favorite restaurant: gluten-free-style

I paid a visit to my favorite restaurant, Neptune, last night for the first time since being on the diet.

Luckily, I know the Chef, so I told him about my new "diet" and after the look of shock, he told me that pretty much the entire menu was gluten free except the things that blatantly stated bread or pasta. He doesn't use any weird ingredients, not that I thought he did.

SO - I had a delicious Alaskan White Salmon with an avocado creme, sausage & other delicious things on the plate, totally gluten-free. YUM.

I kept reaching across for the oyster crackers that sit on the bar, and mentally slapped my hand away from them each time.

There is an excellent wine list there... Thank God I can drink anything my little heart desires on the extensive list.

Now I just need to get to know every chef of every restaurant in Boston so I can make sure my meals are A-OK.

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GlutenFreeinDC said...

Found your site through your Celiac Comments. I look forward to reading more! That's great you know the chef - I don't know the chef at any restaurant and always get nervous trying to order GF items.

I like your restaurants link on the side - I didn't know Outback and PF Changs had GF menu's too! How exciting!!!