Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I'm 1 month gluten free today - so why don't I feel AWESOME?!?!

I almost feel like I'm MORE tired than I was before. I'm also feeling more "cloudy" & forgetful than I was before. I left my keys in the door to my apartment the other day!!

Is this gluten related? Why is it worse? I guess it will take a while for the iron levels to get back up. I was just re-tested yesterday to see how they're coming, I'll be very interested to see that!

Uggh.. just wanted to vent a bit.


Anonymous said...

Is there some gluten hiding in some prepared food that you're eating?

Consider taking a break from the gluten free alternatives. They're full of starches that you aren't used to eating and starches can be hard to digest, especially if your gut is compromised by damage done in response to gluten. Focus on meat and vegetables and fruit. Have some potato and rice. Take it easy on the corn. Unless you're used to eating lots of soy, take it easy on that too.

It's really hard to figure out what to eat when you've had to give up all the usual things. I found that after a while of living without the alternatives, I didn't crave the things I couldn't have as much.

Good luck!


Allie said...

Thanks Lisa!

That's a really good point. I should probably try to cut some of that stuff out... I used to eat so much starch though!

Well, it's an adjustment I suppose... thanks again!!

tracey said...

hang in there Allie :) it's tough going in the first few weeks, it took me about 4 months (just recently) until i started really feeling great.