Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Comparing Wraps

I got a recommendation for "Enjoy Life" wraps, and happened upon them in the store this past weekend so I thought I'd try 'em out. I definitely liked them, but not as much as the Trader Joes --- these also fell apart faster, and worse than the TJ's -- even with melting cheese on them, which i consider to be like glue for these things.

I know I heard contrary reports -- but I think it probably depends on how they're shipped/stored, and how fresh they are when you get them. Who knows... I'm just happy to have found wraps at all!

Enjoy life Breakfast Wrap.... egg whites, ham, cheddar cheese

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chebe Sandwich

I went back to that natural food store in Manchester, NH, "A Natural Foods" and found a few new items... One of those was sandwich bread oven-ready dough. I figured I'd give it a try. Although, I realized when I got home that this package was $7.99, and it only makes two sandwiches.... That seems a bit steep, but what the hell.Here is a picture of the dough right out of the package (mine was not as frozen from the long drive in the hot weather)... It needed to bake at 375 for 35 minutes, which is sortof a long time to wait to eat a sandwich in my opinion...
After about 30 minutes here's what we've got... Puffy and very crunchy on the outside -- probably too crunchy, but I think I overcooked it.
And my Chebe ham & cheese sandwich all pulled together... Check out the pic at the top for what the inside looked like... 

Overall, pretty tasty. Chebe bread is just really good, despite the super crunchy exterior it was good -- but I wouldn't say it improved my ham & cheese. I think next time I'll make this with mozz, tomato & basil or make a tuna melt... Might be a little more exciting than a ham & cheese.... 

Monday, August 25, 2008


I completely forgot to post this last week! I had a bag of Chebe mix sitting in the pantry, and it was actually a bit chilly one night so I figured I would turn the oven on.

Have you had this before? I think they're great. They're not everyone's favorite -- I don't think my sister likes the texture -- but I really really like them. They're super easy. You just mix the bag, some oil & a cup of cheese (I used cheddar in these) and you're set.

Actually, I only got to eat TWO of these, because my boyfriend ate all the rest!!! Not cool... I get so mad when he eats my high-priced gluten free goods. OH well... they're really best right out of the oven, they don't keep well.

I have another Chebe experiment coming tomorrow....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Breakfast Wrap

Looks pretty good right?
I wanted something more than a smoothie or cereal for breakfast, so I cooked up some egg whites, zapped the tortilla for about 20 seconds & placed slices of cheese on it that began melting right away -- then added a couple slices of honey ham, and the hot egg whites on top. As you can see, the wrap on the right is starting to break apart a bit on top, but it held together really well. I think the key is warming it, and adding something to hold it together, like cheese.

This is literally the first time I've gotten gluten free wraps since going gluten free -- so i've been having some fun with them. Last week I rolled one up with hummus and turkey --- and today for lunch I have one with cheese, dijon mustard & ham...

I only have 1 left! I think I'll try to find the "Food for Life" wraps that Julia recommended at Whole Foods next...

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Look what I found at Trader Joes yesterday....

I already ate two -- I had a breakfast rollup with egg whites, and I made a turkey & hummus wrap for lunch. The tortilla was a typical GF tortilla -- it fell apart. The one I warmed up at breakfast did a little better. But they were pretty tasty. It's nice to have the roll-up option....

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday Morning Stack

I was feelin' pancakes this morning when I woke up. Have I mentioned before how much I love Kinnikinnick? yeah, well, the same goes for their pancake mix.

I think it's the best -- it's a little sweet, I know some people don't like that... but I used to add a bit of granulated sugar to bisquick back in the day, so this works out great for me!

Bella looked on as I mixed everything:
I like to make smaller pancakes, not quite silver-dollar size, but not huge plate sized cakes.... I made this little stack, ate a few, and saved the rest for later. I really like to eat these cold. They only last about a day or so in the fridge before they start to dry out - but try it! YUM.

Had to finish of my plate with a little maple syrup.... ahhh, i love the weekend ;)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Shape Magazine

I was perusing my new issue of Shape Magazine this morning on my train ride into work, and happened upon the title, "What's really causing your upset stomach"? 

Sure enough... they were talking about Celiac Disease. 

I snapped this picture with my BlackBerry on the train - not a great image, I know...  it doesn't say anything new, but it's great to see it talked about more & more. 

The more people that know, the better -- hopefully those ailing with all the problems we are all painfully familiar with, will give their doctors a call & get a blood test. And more awareness = more GF products, and easier for us to go out & not have to give a long story. It'll just be like, Oh yeah, Celiac, I know what that is.