Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hey All.... I'm heading off on Sunday for a week of work-travel...Luckily, I'll be in San Francisco the whole week, not too shabby!

Not luckily, though, it will be LOOOONG days at various locations around the city.

They will be feeding us the whole time (Kraft service style - will probably be a variety, but i'm guessing i'll be eating a lot of salads & chips), but I'm planning on bringing a loaf of Udi's and a handful of Lara Bars -- any other suggestions?

I don't think it will be a huge issue because I'll be staying right downtown (already googled & found GF pizza within a few blocks of my hotel) - but I'm just slightly worried about the days.

What is some good food-on-the-go that will keep me full?


Susan said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while. I live in the Bay Area and spent several years living in San Francisco recently.

Depending on where you're staying in SF, there are a number of places that have good gluten free food, though not sure how 'on the go' they are. There are all places that explicitly have gluten free menus.

Mariposa Bakery stand at the Ferry Building (sandwiches, pastries, etc.)

San Francisco Soup Company has a number of locations downtown ( I always end up at the one in the Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre at Powell St/Market St. There are two food courts in the lower level. SF Soup Company is on the fancier side. They have a number of gluten free soups, all clearly marked. Tasty. I eat them a lot when I am out and about.

There's also a Bristol Farms supermarket next to SF Soup Kitchen on the lower level. It's an upscale grocery store that carries some packaged gluten free food.

Pica Pica Maize Kitchen in the Mission sells California fusion arepa sandwiches. Everything they make is gluten free.

Zadin is a Vietnamese restaurant with gluten free items clearly marked. The owner has a friend with celiac.

Grocery Stores
There are also number of Whole Foods in the city (near the AT&T Ball Park, Potrero, and Noe Valley). And a local chain of 'Real Food' stores which are smaller but similar. Bi-Rite near Dolores Park carries a lot of premade salads that are gluten free and very tasty.

Susan said...

I forgot to mention that Mariposa Bakery is 100% gluten free. Their main store is in Oakland but they recently opened the stand in the Ferry building that I mentioned above.

Allie said...

Susan - THANK YOU!

Wow - I am super psyched. I think Mariposa may have to be the first place I go on Monday morning. I'm staying downtown so I can definitely walk to the Embarcadero/Ferry building!

everything sounds great - depending where we'll be, I'll keep your list handy - thanks!

i'll be sure to post while I'm there :)

Callie B. said...

Hey Allie,
So crazy that you are hitting up SF this week. I have been posting on my GFree blog about my trip there two weeks ago. I ate really well and all gluten free.
check it out!
My one DO NOT MISS IT recommendation is Burma Superstar. The tea leaf salad blew my mind and the staff was awesome about gluten free.
Have an amazing time and don't work too hard!

Mrs. C said...

I'm going to SF in a few weeks, so I'm excited to hear about what works for you! Loved the list that Susan gave, will def be printing that out for my trip!

Marlow said...

Good luck!! Load up on FIBER!! :)

Holly said...

I just discovered ThinkThin bars. They are exceptionally high in protein and certified gluten free. I just tried the Chocolate Mudslide variety tonight and was pleasantly surprised. There is no sugar and 20g of protein, and it was exceptionally tasty! That particular flavor has coffee in it so it's like a mocha bar with as much protein as 4 eggs!