Friday, August 20, 2010

Have we talked about grits?

I am not sure when my first 'grit' experience was, but I have always loved them. Which is funny - I am a New England girl, born & raised, and they are not really that common here. There is one diner I love in Boston's South End called Mikes Diner -- and they serve grits OR hashbrowns and I almost always get the grits, so good. And the ONLY place I have ever been to in and around Boston that I can find grits.

So, since I can't get them out I end up making them (more often in the winter) with a little cheese and a fried egg on top. So savory and yummy. Sometimes I make them with a can on condensed milk, have you ever tried it? Amazing.

Oh - and grits are naturally gluten free.

Here is a shot of yesterday's breakfast:


Marlow said...

I want that breakfast in my belly right now!

Holly said...

Come visit the South hun! We love grits, and not just for breakfast! Try them with cream cheese and sun dried tomatoes, or a classic southern helping of grits and crumbled bacon. A girlfriend of mine had a "Grits Bar" at her wedding reception. They served plain salted grits and then had all kinds of toppings from various cheeses, to breakfast meats, veggies and even pine nuts. Grits are a great base dish that you can cater to any meal, and they're naturally GF!

Allie said...

Holly - that is AWESOME that your friend had a grits bar at her wedding -- I actually had a "Mashed Potato Bar" at my wedding at the cocktail hour! We had yukon gold and red smashed potatoes and about 20 different toppings! It was a huge hit!

Amanda on Maui said...

I was recently visiting my family in South Carolina and Florida, and while there I made cheesy shrimp and grits. They were awesome, and I hope to have a post up on my blog soon about them (with picture). I'll be making them at home soon for the bf who hasn't had it before.