Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Segment about the Gluten Free Diet on TODAY

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What are your thoughts on this segment?
Natalie's part about it being a "fad diet" I didn't love - it makes people think I too, am just on a diet and it's not a big deal --- so I was thankful for Dr. Raj's commentary which was excellent.


debra lynn said...

Interesting. I missed this one, and I watch almost daily. It's funny that they talk about celiac and and sensitivity but always forget migraine which is why I don't eat gluten. Something as small as soy sauce will set it off for me. But I do agree, switching over for weight loss is not a good reason. If that is someones reason, they should do South Beach or something which does eliminate carbs altogether, not just gluten. You can always find a way to get some sort of sweet in your diet no matter how you eat, I've lost about 2 pounds, but then had a delicious flourless chocolate cake sitting around from my birthday, and have been eating it for days! Although I haven't gained it back, I could make that pretty often and gain it back!

Callie said...

I think pretty much any publicity is good publicity but I am really thankful that Dr. Raj was there to clarify why someone would want to go gluten free. I think the more the average person knows about celiac and gluten sensitivities, the safer the world is for all of us. I hate that I still feel like I am bothering my waiter/chef when I specify that meal must be gluten free but I hope more segments like this make it clear that a lot of people are NOT foregoing gluten to lose weight but are doing it because gluten makes them ill!

Allie said...

debra lynn - I totally agree - south beach, not gluten free. ever since going GF I have definitely gained weight! it's tough to keep calories down when eating GF replacements.

Callie - totally agree on a few points - love any kind of GF publicity, and I also HATE feeling like i am bothering servers, luckily, my husband doesn't care at all and is usually the one doing all the asking for me since he knows I hate it!

Marlow said...

When they said "Is it here to stay?" and the answer was "no", I literally wanted to call them and be like B**ch please!!! INSERT MAJOR EYE ROLLING