Wednesday, May 05, 2010

SOX game tonight!

Heading to the Red Sox game tonight --- perfect night for it! And even better, we're meeting up with friends at Burton's Grill before the game to eat some GF food and drink GF beer (Redbridge)!!! LOVE that Burton's is right next to Fenway!

I was just looking for a Blogger App for my iPhone but there doesn't appear to be one, or at least a good one -- do any of you 'Blogger' Bloggers use an app that is good? I was goign to "live-blog" at the game. Oh well! I'll just have to update tomorrow....


camper said...

I don't use an app but just take photos and blog via email. You can set that up on your blogger dashboard. I set it up when I had a crackberry and still do it on my droid. Sometimes I feel that I should be able to write off my smartphone as a medical expense with as much as I use it for finding gf products! Does fenway have redbridge yet?

Allie said...

hey camper -- thanks for the tip - I'll try a post out that way!

i totally agree with you about the medical expense! i'm always taking pics of gluten free anything to share!

no redbridge at fenway that I could find, maybe soon though!