Thursday, May 06, 2010

Great night for a ball game!

Had a blast at the Sox game last night! It was probably the most perfect weather for a game ever - and Ortiz had a home run!

Anyway - first off - I didn't get a picture of my amazing meal at Burton's before the game - but I had a couple of RedBridge, and a fried haddock sandwich (yes, bread & all!!) with fries. OMG, YUM. Burton's Grill is the greatest. It's not really that cheap, but I think totally worth it, the service is excellent, and they always seem attentive and careful about the gluten free food.

Then we went to Fenway and look what I saw:

So funny! It's a tiny little section with a few bags of chips! haha, I definitely appreciate the effort though. The words "GLUTEN FREE" jumped out at me as we were rushing to our seats and I quickly took this picture on my phone. Sadly, no RedBridge at Fenway park that I could find, but I bet that day is coming!

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Jen said...

The day I can buy a Redbridge and a Hot Dog (with a bun!) at Fenway will be the greatest day EVER.