Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breakfast on the go

I was in a rush this morning so I had to eat on the train on my way in to work. I had my first Udi's bagel, my coffee in my awesome no-leak to-go mug, and read my book "Wolf Hall" - which is a GREAT book if you love reading historical fiction about Henry VIII and the Boleyn drama.

The bagel was definitely good, not crazy-insane-best-ever like the sliced Udi's bread - but definitely good. They have the best texture for a bagel, and they're a normal size, actually they're pretty big. They only come 4 to a bag, and I found them at Whole Foods, which was a bonus. I think I just had crazy high standards after the bread since it is literally the greatest thing ever. But I would definitely get these bagels again!


Holly said...

I loved my Udi's bagels! They're not nearly as chewy or dense as regular ones, but that's ok with me! The flavor is still the same and I was so excited about that! I'm trying to get one of the local health food stores to start carrying Udi's breads.

Iris said...

I still haven't tried Udi's bread. I even sent some to my mom, but have yet to get any for myself.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have a gluten-free giveaway going on right now. You should stop by and enter to win some goodies. :)

Rochelle said...

Allie -- which Whole Foods had the Udi's bagels? The ones in Newton don't seem to carry any Udi's bread products. Thanks.

Allie said...

Hey Rochelle -- I got them at the whole foods next to Mass General hospital, next to beacon hill. It's walking distance from my office, I would just ask the buyer at your whole foods to get them in!

Iris -- will definitely enter! Thx