Thursday, May 06, 2010

ugggh... not cool.

I just ordered in PF Changs for lunch (we have DiningIn at my work and once or twice a week PF Changs is on the list) -- anyway, they have a gluten free ordering section, so I got the Egg Drop Soup and chicken fried rice.

Well - I am currently feeling bloated, can feel my stomach gurgling, feel dizzy, kinda out-of-it and I have a headache.

Sh*t - did I just get glutened? I haven't been glutened in MONTHS, maybe even a year.

UGHHHH. So angry with PF Changs right now - my order said GF, and they delivered with GF soy sauce. I feel like this is my fault, I shouldn't order in food this way I guess - but I've ordered a few other times and I've been fine.

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Laurie said...

Ugh! That sucks, Allie! :( PF Changs is usually so good about the gluten!! But that is pretty cool they have DiningIn there now!!!