Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Udi's GF Bread - I'm an official fan.

I have been hearing so much about Udi's gluten free bread, and I finally got my hands on a loaf of the Whole Grain GF Bread. I was at my local natural foods grocer and they only had two loaves left, the woman there said this flew off the shelves, so I was happy to get in there when I did!

You people weren't kidding. This bread is awesome. It tastes great toasted AND un-toasted. I actually brought a sandwich to work the other day! And it was in one piece!

So thank you blog-world for the heads up on this product! Now, Udi's just needs to get itself in all of our local grocery stores!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you finally got some Udi's!! It's magical, huh? LOL!

Oh happy day... :-)

Holly said...

I just tried it and WOW! I LOVE it! I bought it online and they shipped it frozen but it thawed in shipping so it was perfect right when it arrived. My dad just came to tell me how much he liked the bagels too. Thanks for the review! I love this stuff!