Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Outback Steakhouse

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! I did.... it didn't start out great though. I went to Outback Steakhouse on Friday night with some friends (I chose it because of their gluten free menu).... I had (what I consider to be) a very safe meal there, off the special menu -- filet, mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies with no seasoning (that were cold and gross).

Well -- somehow, I got glutened. I was up most of that night with pretty bad stomach pain (typical of gluten for me) and was "off" the following day.


I eat out pretty often too and don't order from special menus, so whatever they gave me had to have a lot of gluten in it. I know it was from them too because I had prepared all of my own food the entire week leading up to that dinner. AND, I've eaten there once before and I was fine.

I wrote an expressive letter to Outback so we'll see what happens. 


Marlow said...

That is crazy! My Dad just called me to tell me that he went to Outback and they had a gluten free menu. I hope your system heals quickly!

Sally said...

I've heard quite a few negative comments about Celiac Outback experiences. Sorry you felt crappy and didn't even get to eat something awesome in the process!

J.J. said...

I've started hearing that more and more. From what I can tell, it looks like some Outbacks are better about it than others. I guess it depends on the owner.

I've yet to have a bad experience at one, but I've only been to two different ones. I go to the one near me all the time and never had a problem.

Writing an email to the corporate office sounds like a good idea. Maybe that will force them to inspect that place.