Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joan's Gluten Free Great Bakes Review

It was a perfect time to receive my order from Joan's because it's been pouring rain here in the northeast!

The order came in this nifty frozen package, complete with dry ice to ensure everything stayed frozen:

I ordered some bagels, sandwich bread & cookies.... I wanted to try out the sandwich bread first because I had the bagels & cookies at the cooking spree.

For some reason - the sandwich bread has a totally different taste than the bagels - it has that "gluten free taste"  - the texture is great, and the flavor is good. But it's not the bagels.

I'll still eat it, maybe it'll taste better later, but I doubt it.

It baked nicely with a good crusty crust

I made a turkey & cheese and it was definitely better than your standard small square of bread.

So then it was on to the bagels! I order plain and the onion, egg & poppy seed.

OK -- i'm not even sure what to write here, because they are just SO GOOD. They taste like real bagels - no, not just real bagels - they remind me of New York bagels. If that's not a compliment, I don't know what is.

A pic of the finished product is at the top, but here is the package & the de-frosted bagels on the baking sheet. Check 'em out:

I still have to make the chocolate chip cookies, and I'm really looking forward to that! I'm sad that the bagels will be gone quickly because they're never going to make it past Monday, I ate two today...  It's also too bad that Joan's products are SO EXPENSIVE.... but if you have a special event or are just craving a really good tasting bagel, it may be worth the occasional splurge. 

If these were cheaper, I'd probably keep them stocked in my freezer all the time.

***UPDATE: Just wanted to let you know that as of today (Monday) the bagels have gotten very hard so they don't keep that well - good thing there is only 1 left! I cut through one (with difficulty) and toasted it and it still tasted delicious -- but it lost it's first day glory. If I get these again I will probably bake on demand.

Also - Joan has added some new locations to where she stocks her items, check it out here.


Rochelle said...

A New Leaf in Needham now stocks Joans Great Bakes bagels and English Muffins, so at least one can save on the shipping. Rochelle

Allie said...

Hey Rochelle -- thanks! I actually got an email from them regarding that soon after this post.

Have you been there? I just realized how close Needham is to where I live... I think I will have to take a trip asap.


Sally said...

Mmm, those were some good bagels. I looked at the flyer she gave us and about keeled over. Let me just work overtime for about a month so that I can buy bagels. Sheesh!

Maybe I'll ask for some for Christmas. :)

Jenny said...

Haha Sally asking for some for Christmas... actually, that's a good idea!

I wonder if they would be ok to freeze after baking?

Sally said...

I already requested Chebe for Christmas. You think I'm kidding and yet, sadly, my mother would beg to differ.

I bet they'd be fine to freeze after baking. After all, that's how most of our store-bought GF breads come.

The Good Eatah said...

Good to know! I think I'll be trying some Joan's bagels soon...

Hannah said...

Gluten free bagels??? I'm in shock and must try some!

Amanda on Maui said...

Your sandwich looks amazing!

Lisa said...

Hi. I was just reading this. We love Joan's Bagels too!! after you bake them, let them cool a bit and cut them all in half. Place the haves in ziploc bags and freeze them. You can toast them as you need them and they are really great. Also, please make sure they are baked nice and brown. It took me a lot longer to get them brown than the directions instructed. Tyr the English muffins and pizza next good!

Lisa in Long Island

Allie said...

Hey Lisa --- the english muffins are my FAVORITE! they're so expensive though, so I only treat myself to them once in a while :)