Thursday, September 18, 2008

GF Cooking Spree Booty

As you already know -- the Gluten Free Cooking Spree was last weekend and it was SO FUN! The above picture shows all of goodies I collected at the Vendor tables. WOW - I've been eating samples since Sunday. 

My favorite by far: Joans Gluten Free Great Bakes.

I've read about these bagels/muffins/cookies on other websites (Celiac Chicks for example) and I finally got to try them -- INCREDIBLE. I placed an online order today - not cheap, but really worth it. I can't wait to try their sandwich bread.

And, the best part -- One bagel is only 4g of fat, and 270 calories. WOW - compared to the 12g of fat in one "Against The Grain" bagel - that's awesome. And they taste like REAL bagels. I'm not kidding people.

I got two samples of her english muffins, which I promptly ate. Sunday I made a turkey bacon, egg, & cheese on the muffin, and only remembered to take a picture when there was one bight left:


Ok - enough raving about Joans.... Jenny over at Sugar & Spice created an awesome & thorough blog about the event, so if you haven't seen it already, check it out, she took some great pics -- except for one very unflattering picture of me & matt with pizza hanging out of our mouths.

Anyway, it was great - we got to gorge ourselves on pizza, Redbridge, soft pretzels, cookies, etc etc...


Jenny said...

That picture is super hot!

Marlow said...

I wonder if we can get a keg of redbridge...hmmm. I think I'll snag that cookbook! I'm pretty sure you and I have similar tastes!

GF Steph said...

I wish they would do something like this in my area!! Arizona is boring. :-(

I looked into the Joans products since you raved about them...they are a bit pricey, which I could get past, if it didn't cost so much to ship them! Maybe one day I'll stop being so cheap and order them. :-)

Allie said...

hey gf steph --

i hear ya. i'm bummed that it's so expensive. It will definitely be a treat as opposed to something i will regularly have in my kitchen!


CDM said...

I know this is random, but I am also GF and just came across your site. While you're on a shopping spree check out Pamela's ultimate baking mix and
I recently found this site and product and made the best blueberry muffins EVER. I've been sharing the recipe with everyone I can who is GF to save them from the crap that his crumbly, dry, and very non muffin like. My non GF husband devoured them and said they were his favorite muffins before I could tell him they were special GF muffins.

Allie said...

hey cdm --


I have seen that recipe on her site before, and I have also used Pamela's. I don't like her pancake mix, but in the past I definitely liked her all purpose mix!

just checked out your site... congrats on your pregnancy!!! :)