Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Comparing Wraps

I got a recommendation for "Enjoy Life" wraps, and happened upon them in the store this past weekend so I thought I'd try 'em out. I definitely liked them, but not as much as the Trader Joes --- these also fell apart faster, and worse than the TJ's -- even with melting cheese on them, which i consider to be like glue for these things.

I know I heard contrary reports -- but I think it probably depends on how they're shipped/stored, and how fresh they are when you get them. Who knows... I'm just happy to have found wraps at all!

Enjoy life Breakfast Wrap.... egg whites, ham, cheddar cheese


Sally said...

I keep meaning to check these out at TJs and WF. The GF bread has so many calories that eating a sandwich is like a hefty meal, so wraps seem like a good option.

Thanks for the reminder!

Erin S. said...

I will definitely have to find the TJs wraps. And I never think of anything creative like breakfast in the Enjoy Life wraps. I need to get out there and experiment more.

Amanda on Maui said...

Thoe EL brown rice tortillas suck. They had a ton of them at the close at sale at my former local health food store, and I didn't buy a single pack. They are too flakey, and fall apart too quickly to warrant me paying for them.