Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bob's Red Mill GF Oats

Marlow was right!

I had a bag of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats in my pantry that I opened this morning and the Oats tasted like peanuts! Actually when I was cooking them I could smell the peanut aroma. 

So, in case any of you have the same problem, it looks like Bob's Red Mill had some quality issues with their oats (a representative commented on Marlow's page).

I wonder how we can tell which bags are OK??


Marlow said...

I received a personal email from them and then had to send them the batch number on the side of my bag. Their rep said they wouldn't have a better batch of oats out for a few weeks....I've got my fingers crossed!

J said...

I have purchased many bags of Bob's oats since appearing on grocery shelves and have not been able to eat any of them because of the taste. I find that Bob's Red Mill oats do not taste near as good as the other gf oats I've tasted. I wonder if it's because they roast theirs? I tried baking with them and threw out gf baked goods(unheard of for me).I love oatmeal and eat it everyday, but cannot tolerate the taste of Bob's for some reason. I have to order from the internet from other companies instead of the convenience of buying Bob's from my grocery store. You can get good oats for as low as $2 per pound though.