Monday, August 25, 2008


I completely forgot to post this last week! I had a bag of Chebe mix sitting in the pantry, and it was actually a bit chilly one night so I figured I would turn the oven on.

Have you had this before? I think they're great. They're not everyone's favorite -- I don't think my sister likes the texture -- but I really really like them. They're super easy. You just mix the bag, some oil & a cup of cheese (I used cheddar in these) and you're set.

Actually, I only got to eat TWO of these, because my boyfriend ate all the rest!!! Not cool... I get so mad when he eats my high-priced gluten free goods. OH well... they're really best right out of the oven, they don't keep well.

I have another Chebe experiment coming tomorrow....

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