Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Breakfast Wrap

Looks pretty good right?
I wanted something more than a smoothie or cereal for breakfast, so I cooked up some egg whites, zapped the tortilla for about 20 seconds & placed slices of cheese on it that began melting right away -- then added a couple slices of honey ham, and the hot egg whites on top. As you can see, the wrap on the right is starting to break apart a bit on top, but it held together really well. I think the key is warming it, and adding something to hold it together, like cheese.

This is literally the first time I've gotten gluten free wraps since going gluten free -- so i've been having some fun with them. Last week I rolled one up with hummus and turkey --- and today for lunch I have one with cheese, dijon mustard & ham...

I only have 1 left! I think I'll try to find the "Food for Life" wraps that Julia recommended at Whole Foods next...

Happy Wednesday!

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Marlow said...

That looks so good! I was just thinking to myself this morning that I need something new to try for breakfast. Lately I've just been munching on a gluten free frozen waffle with a smear of butter...your breakfast sounds way better!