Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Twenty Eleven

Hello all and a happy belated new year.... I hope everyone's holidays were wonderful and relaxing. Mine was! Sadly, I was snowed out of MY family christmas, so we'll be doing that this weekend, but we had a great time with my husbands family and got away to Mont Tremblant in Canada for the New Year which was fantastic!

A few highlights in pictures:

It's become a tradition to have eggs benedict on Christmas morning and I LOVE IT. I make the hollandaise sauce in either my blender or in my food processor – it's so easy, and so indulgent. I put extra lemon...Perfect for a holiday morning - it's also a big mess.

As a lighter treat we also had little bowls of fresh berries.

We hung around the house & watched A Christmas Story and had a really relaxing break. Then, it was off to Canada! Mont Tremblant is a beautiful ski town with a cute little village at the base of the mountain with shops and restaurants, and lots of activities. We stayed right in the village so we could hit the slopes early, and our room had a kitchen which was excellent, so we made quite a few meals in our room which saved $, and were definitely GF. The weather was weird, it was super cold, then warmed up & a lot of fog rolled in which was pretty rough skiing, but our second morning it was SO gorgeous because the peak of the mountain was in the sun above the clouds, check it out:

Amazing right!!! It was so fun.

We also had a small "Poutinere" across from our hotel, and had to check it out one day, look at all the different varietes of poutine:

For those who don't know - Poutine is basically fries with gravy and cheese or cheese curds & various toppings. I used to LOVE this treat, at the diner at home we just called it 'gravy cheese fries' - but Poutine is so much nicer.... Sadly, I didn't have any (no gravy for me!) - but I did have some excellent fries plain at another place with white vinegar - yum.

New Years was pretty cool, the had some fun skiing demonstrations, then some awesome fireworks at midnight:
I didn't take that picture - I was over at the base of the mountain, but this pic is awesome.

I have a pretty big back-log of posts I need to get up - so hopefully I'll be posting more often!

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Laurie said...

Awww sorry you got snowed out of your family's Christmas!! BOO :( But looks like you had a nice holiday :) Your tree looks so cozy!