Thursday, April 22, 2010

Joan's now has GF Bialys!

Ever had a Bialy?

Before I was GF -- I used to love going to to get either a "real" bagel or a bialy whenever I was visiting NYC. My Mom used to talk about when she was commuting to Manhattan and smelling all of the people eating bialy's on the train in the morning - STINKY!

Joan's GF Great Bakes has developed a gluten free bialy! A bialy is a soft, chewy yeast roll that has a compression in the center with cut up onion, salt and poppy seeds (and garlic usually, but Joan's has no garlic).

Pardon the terribly dark iPhone pic - but I snapped it quick before I ate obe! I didn't wait for them to fully defrost, so they may have been puffier if I followed the instructions better, but I really wanted to eat them right away, and I thought they were delicious! I put a little whipped cream cheese on one and thought it was delicious.

I LOVE Joans! It's too bad her products are just so darn expensive!

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Gina Perry said...

OMG. Those look so good. I adore Joan's bagels. I haven't seen these at my little health food store in NH - the only place I know that carries Joan's stuff. The bagels are crazy $$ but really worth it - I figure it's about the same as getting a bagel out which obv isn't an option. I'll keep an eye out for these. Just found your blog - great stuff!