Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Julie’s Organic Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Umm, YUM.... Where can I find these?!?! Just saw that Julie's Organic Ice Cream partnered with GlutenFreeda to make these delicious-looking ice cream sandwiches.

They are made with a combination of vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate cookies (made with rice flour), and it is listed that it will be $5 for 4 sandwiches... they also say "available at supermakets" but I haven't seen them anywhere, and I will definitely start looking! I bet I can find these at Whole Foods. I will update after I find & try them!

Just in time for summer!


~M said...

I've seen them at certain Whole Foods, but have yet to try them.

Jen said...

I think that gluten and dairy free ice cream is by far my favorite thing out of all gf/df substitute foods. I can do without the cookies and cakes and even breads, but ice cream? No way.

jill elise said...

I've had these (from Whole Foods) and they're delicious. A little gritty, but still really good, very thick.

Anonymous said...

Sprouts Farmers Market also carries these wonderful ice cream sandwiches. I've not yet found them at my local Whole Foods, but they could have just been out of stock.

Umm umm good!


KnoxLively said...

I love these! Tried them a week ago and ate one every night for the past week or more. They're even better than they look on this site! I found them at my local WholeFoods grocer (Austin) and suspect they're at most.