Monday, June 15, 2009

Mozzarelli's - not good.

I am soooo disappointed in Mozzarelli's pizza! Ugh.... it was NOT good. Not only was it not good, it was $33 for a pizza with two toppings - that is ridiculous. 

So - the weekend was fabulous. Had a blast at my friends shower and bachelorette -- we were staying in Union Square in NYC, and had apps at Olives. My plan was to get a pizza before that, but I called at 8:30pm to order the pizza, and apparently they closed at 8. SO - what did I do? I ordered a pizza for 'breakfast' on Sunday -- which worked out, because the girls had two enormous bags of delicious NY bagels delivered to our room... sigh (although, i had some gf bread and I had some yummy scallion cream cheese -- why is cream cheese SO good in ny?).

Anyway.... they delivered my pizza (after some serious issues with them not understanding where the W hotel was) and I was SO excited -- I got goat cheese & spinach on it - I sunk my teeth in, and I immediately tasted that gross weird gluten free taste - What is that?!?! It tastes like soap or something. I almost cried. But I toughed it out and ate a piece, tried to add some more goat cheese from another slice, covered it in garlic salt, and pretended I didn't taste the soapiness.

I'm not sure if I was more upset over the price, or the fact that I had heard such great things and I found it un-eatable. I even brought back the leftovers hoping it would taste better cold. Nope. Worse. Just tried it and had to throw it out!

Can someone please tell me what that taste is so I can try to avoid it in the future? It must be one of the flours, I can't pinpoint which one though.


Amanda on Maui said...

Some people say Garbanzo Bean Flour tastes like metal or blood.

sallybranwyn said...

I've heard several people refer to "that gluten free taste" and I confess that I can't identify with that...I don't sense a specific "taste."

I've been using garbanzo bean flour as well as sorghum flour in my bread dough lately and they haven't tasted bloody to me. :)

Sorry that the pizza sucked; that is such a letdown! :(

Katrina said...

When I'm in NYC, we usually go to Slice on the upper East Side for GF pizza. You can get it dairy free, too! Only downside, they don't deliver. Thanks for the heads up on Mozzarelli's. I hope the rest of your eats are more successful!

jill elise said...

Their pizza used to be SO good, and they just reformatted their crust recipe and now it's a huge bummer. :(

Marlow said...

Oh no!!! When I ate their in January it was SO good! I went there and I could order it by the slice...I almost cried for you when I read this post!

CinnamonQuill said...

Oh man, total bummer! I can't stannnnnnd garbanzo/fava flours, and I use sorghum in limited amounts because I think it tastes like soap, too.

Carrie said...

I think it's very unfair to just go around trashing this place like you did. I am at Mozzarelli's at least once a week, and their GF food is amazing, I hadn't had pizza for 7 years untill I found them, and I have tried other places, but nothing compares to their pizza. They are very carefull about cross contamination, and the chef always takes the time to answer any questions you may have about their GF products. I am guessing the problem here is a matter of taste over quality.

Allie said...

hey Carrie -- I wouldn't say that I'm "going around trashing this place"

I wanted to like it, I really did - but after spending $33 and being so disappointed, I wanted to share with others my opinions. Great for them for not cross-contaminating, but YUCK... I've had MUCH better tasting gluten free pizza.

Also -keep in mind, this is a blog that gives personal opinions. Lots of people LOVE mozzarelli's and are huge fans - I didn't read a bad review of them ever (part of my disappointment).

And you are right - this is definitely a matter of taste, but alas, this is my blog, where I give my own opinions.

MIA said...

I think that it is deplorable to make such remarks about the food at this establishment. I have to tell you that I totally disagree. I have never had a gluten free slice of pizza until very recently and it was absolutely the best slice of pizza that I have ever had. I eat lunch at Mozzarelli's almost EVERYDAY and I am such a fan of this place. I have never had a bad slice of pizza EVER!!! Maybe you had too many sips of wine which might have altered your tasting experience, or perhaps you might have a personal vendetta against this establishment (that is what it sounds like) because I can't imagine that there is any truth to what you are saying. Who would go so far as to take a picture of the box along with a quarter slice of pizza... if it was so horrible, why did you eat so much of it. If I bite into something that doesn't taste good, what is the point of taking four more bites? Why would you have to convince yourself to keep eating it... (doesn't make sense)
If you aren't just being a hater, for some unknown reason, I suggest you give them another chance because I cannot even consider eating pizza that has not been made at Mozzarelli's. Their ingredients are the absolute freshest. They have put tremendous effort into perfecting their gluten free pizzas and have done so, far beyond measure.
Just give them another chance... Just my personal opinion!!!!

Allie said...


did you even read my review? I ate the pizza for breakfast, no wine involved, although you're right - it would've tasted better with a little buzz on.

I DEFINITELY DO NOT have a personal vendetta against this place - I just had a bad experience there. Bad service, overpriced & bad-tasting. Not my fault. Theirs.

You also ask about it being half eaten - I say in the post, I keep adding more goat cheese & salt to keep eating it -- I even brought leftovers with me home to keep trying to eat it, but couldn't. I really wanted to be a fan of this place - but just wasnt'. And I wanted to get my money's worth! $33 is a lot, and the friends I was with were eating bagels and this was my only food until I got home.

I will definitely give them another chance when I'm back in that part of the city - but I will likely only get a slice instead of a whole pie -- that was my other issue, I was convinced I was going to love it and ordered too much.

mia, i'm telling you - i wanted SO BADLY to love this pizza - I miss pizza A LOT and realize it's hard to find, I hear you. If I try it again and like it - I will be sure to write a new post & make an update to this one, but for now, I just have to be honest and write how I felt about it.