Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Look what I found!

I have been keeping an eye out in every grocery store I've been in the last few weeks. I also asked my local grocery store to see if they could stock these, but knew it was a long shot.

But I was up on the North Shore this weekend in one of my FAVORITE grocery stores, and sure enough - they had the WHOLE LINE! I was skipping around the grocery store. Ha. 

The thing is - I am on a bit of a diet, have no real events coming up, and can't even decide which one to make first.... I'll figure it out, and then I'll be sure to post & review. I HOPE they're as good as I've heard.

** apologies - cell phone pic. what is the deal with blackberry, can't they put better cameras in their phones?


Katrina said...

Make either the brownies or the cookies, taste one, and give the rest to a neighbor! Sneaky, sneaky!

kj said...

I found these last week too! I made the cookies right away -- they didn't mix up very well; crumbly, I had to really pack the dough into my scoop to form a ball. If I were ever to make them again, I would add MORE butter, just to get the dough to stick together.
They needed to bake longer than the package said but when they were done, they were "ok". Nothing spectacular... I will go back to my "from scratch" recipe for cchip cookies.
I'm waiting for cooler weather to try a cake mix... can't. wait. much. longer!

Husband to Gluten Free Wife said...

Wow, didn't know these existed. I'll have to try these. Did you say which grocery store carried these box mixes?


Allie said...

Hey husband to GF wife...

I actually purchased these at the Market Basket in Newburyport!

Many grocery stores have them, but I've only seen them in Market Basket so far in MASS -- my sister lives in CT and said they are at her local grocer as well.

lorrwill said...

I have never seen these but I am in California. I'll be on the look out from now on, though!