Monday, June 29, 2009

Betty Crocker - Devil's Food Cake

One word - DELICIOUS.

A few more words --- This tastes just like I remember. You need very few ingredients, although, it's tough to see just how much butter goes in here! We also made a homemade buttercream (bag of confectionary sugar, more butter, vanilla, a bit of milk) and it turned out great! Super moist, flavorful, not crumbly or dry. WOW - I'm impressed Betty Crocker. 

I still need to try the cookies, brownies and vanilla cake -- all of which I've read mixed reviews.


khurram said...

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Jennifer said...

The brownies are great too!!!!

kj said...

I LOVED this cake too! I made them into cupcakes and kept them in the fridge. YUMMERS!