Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Bridal weekend...

This weekend is one of my best friends bridal shower/bachelorette weekend in NYC! So I'm heading back to NY tomorrow (Brooklyn Friday, then Long Island Saturday morning, then into NYC Saturday night!)

It's going to be SO FUN - and as always, I'm planning ahead about FOOD. Friday will be fine - Saturday for the shower I have no idea what they're serving, so I'm bringing some backups. Then, we are staying at the W on Saturday night in Union Square which just so happens to be 5 blocks from Mozzarelli's!!! I'm psyched. I am either going to walk over there or have a pizza & some pasta delivered before we go out - because we're all going to Olives for apps, then out. And sadly, as much as I love Olives, I cannot eat anything on the menu they have planned for us. But who cares when you have PIZZA?!

Anyway - I'm excited. I'm sorry I have been away - work is so busy right now, I'm in super-planning mode for my own wedding, and I feel like 20 million things are all happening at once.

I will update when I get back about Mozzarelli's AND - my FABULOUS bridal shower that my sister threw for me last weekend!!


Marlow said...

Mozzarelli's!!???!!!! I am SOO jealous. That is the most insanely delicious pizza ever!!!!!!

Katrina said...

Random comment: I just read on your profile sidebar you are looking for bread that tastes normal. Do you make your own? That's the closest to normal I've been able to find!