Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer is getting closer... slowly.

I love a good ruby red grapefruit. I used to sprinkle it with sugar, but not anymore, and I really don't miss it. These are quite good on their own.

Matt and I have been splitting one in the morning as of late, and I love it because something about it makes me feel like summer is getting closer. And it is - but  very s l o w l y. Warm weather is supposedly in our near future in the NorthEast.

Anyway, the key to enjoying grapefruit is knowing how to cut them. I found out Matt doesn't know how to cut one properly, and misses out on a lot of the goodness -- so be sure to use a good sharp knife, or a serrated knife and cut around the edge first, then along the edge of each triangle, on both sides.

Then, the best part -- squeeze all the juice onto a spoon or into a bowl & drink it up. :)

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