Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Newish (to me) Gluten Free Pizza place in Boston!

90 north washington st • boston, ma 02113 617.723.nebo (6326)

I was online the other day (procrastinating of course, I can literally get lost in the world of blogs for hours, it's bad)... ANYWAY - found a restaurant located right next to the North End in Boston, AND, very close to my office called NEBO that serves gluten free pasta, pizza, etc!!!! REJOICE!

Sadly, I haven't had time to get there to try it.... but perhaps a gluten free girls trip is in order SOON?

I'll be sure to report back. Hopefully the pizza is good -- either way, this is the first place to serve GF pizza in Boston (besides Unos).

Their menu doesn't mention gluten free, but I saw this video on Boston.com where they talk about offering a gluten free options.


Jenny said...

Anytime!! Monday or Thursday nights are best for me. I'm working on Wednesdays at the moment but hopefully will be off that shift soon too. And of course Friday nights and weekends. Let's do it!

Emilio said...


Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

Rochelle said...

Thanks for the info. Have you tried Stone Hearth yet? http://www.stonehearthpizza.com/ It isn't in Boston proper, but they have locations in Cambridge (Porter Square), Belmont and Needham. Their gluten free menu includes pizza and pasta.

sallybranwyn said...

Sounds good! Fridays are easier for me than weekdays since traveling from my office to the North End is heinous. That's right, I said heinous. I stopped by TJ's on the way home today and bought two packages of those GF english muffins! Yum!

Julia said...

Yes definitely in! Yum-can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi there--just found your blog. I live in Cambridge, so it looks like you are a good resource for good eats around town. Cheers!