Friday, March 06, 2009

Work Travel

travelfood, originally uploaded by AInserra.

As of late I've had to do a bit of travel for work. I don't mind it - but I get slight anxiety about being able to find food to eat. Does this happen to you?

I was rushing around before work yesterday getting clothes together, and I grabbed a package of GF Shar crackers, a half finished bag of rice cakes, and a bag of almonds & raisins... we are seriously low on food in the house - so this was all I had in the way of snacks.

On the Amtrak down last night, I got a bag of chips -- then when I got to the hotel I ordered room service - luckily, there was an omelette on the menu, so I went for that. This morning I figured there wouldn't be anything at the continental breakfast for me.... so I ate the aforementioned rice cakes, and had some crappy hotel coffee.

Lunch is the next big obstacle, but luckily, I am sitting in the cafeteria waiting so decided to stock up on snacks just in case. I REALLY want to eat the oatmeal (i used to looove mushy oatmeal sitting in those warmers, mushy oatmeal is the best to me) but I ended up with some fruit, cottage cheese, chips, tea & water. BORING. But oh well.

I pocketed most of those chips for later, and I still have my crackers... so we'll see what lunch brings - guaranteed they will offer us sandwiches & salads loaded with croutons.

After that - dinner at the airport, which should be easier. Thank god for chips!!


sallybranwyn said...

I'm terrified of traveling, to be honest, which is my biggest gripe about being gluten free. I used to love to travel. LOVE it. since my diagnosis, it's so stressful to travel, that I've mostly avoided it.

However, I'm planning a big trip this year maybe to South America (Chile?) and need to just deal with this. I've been waiting until I feel better, but have some tests and such this month and am hoping for ultimate healing and health. Cross you fingers! I could do with some chips right now...

Marlow said...

I can't even count how many times chips have had to tide me over!!

H.Peter said...

Tell your boss to pad your expense account.
Then stay away from aything franchise, pick finer, owner operated establishments and travelling will be your new favorite part of the job.

We travel lots and have fun finding GF options everywhere.

kj said...

I was nervous to eat while in Key West last week. I got "celiac sick" two times in 5 days. :(
I ate too many peanut M&M's and gf snack bars...

Hannah said...

I agree, traveling can be such a pain. I often pack a little fabric cooler with ice packs, turkey sandwiches (made with homemade GF bread), fruits and veggies, goat cheese and pecan crackers.

Still... the best part of traveling used to be the eating! I feel like I can't risk eating at restaurants at all - even "gluten free" establishments sometimes give me gluten sickness.

Do check out though, it's a great business review website that now has a gluten free restaurant search!

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