Friday, March 13, 2009

Celia Cakes

YUM -- How good do those look???

Matt and I went to CeliaCakes and met with Vita to do a tasting for our wedding cake/cupcakes. Prior to our meeting we chose 4 different flavors of cupcakes to try and we went with the following:

In case you can't read that, its:
1. Vanilla cake, strawberry filling, vanilla buttercream icing
2. Vanilla cake, raspberry filling, lemon buttercream icing
3. Chocolate cake, mocha buttercream icing
4. Chocolate cake, almond buttercream icing

Numbers 1 and 3 were the winners -- YUUUUM. We're hopefully going to be having those two flavors at our wedding as a mini cake, cupcakes, and mini-mini cakes. I have an elaborate idea in my head of a dessert table with cakes & treats all spread out - not just one neat & orderly cake.... If you've been on Martha Stewart  Weddings lately,  you'll notice this is the trend right now, and I like it. I also plan on filling apothecary jars with my favorite sweet of all time -- Vanilla Meringues from Trader Joes. It will be a sugary delight.

My macro lens was behaving strangely this day - so all the close-ups I tried to do weren't working out -- but here is one one three of the cupcakes halved. The vanilla with strawberry filling was so good & moist. I didn't love the raspberry filling, which is weird because I usually go for that over strawberry. 

As for frosting --  We both decided the favorites were the vanilla and the mocha, especially the mocha! I liked the lemon frosting, Matt didn't, and neither of us liked the almond - I wanted to try it anyway -- it's such a distinct flavor. I always think I'm going to like it, and I never do. 

I was sure to test just the cake alone without frosting to make sure the cake didn't have that weird gluten free taste - and it didn't - not at all. It was fluffy, light and quite tasty. We liked both the vanilla & chocolate which is why we're going ot have both!

I'm pretty picky about frosting - I HATE frosting on cakes you buy in supermarkets - YUCK - I would only eat the cake -- PRE-CELIAC OF COURSE.  But I did always like the real frosting you would make at home with a pound of confectionary sugar & some milk/water. This frosting tastes more real - a hint of grit which is fine with me - not super super smooth. I thought it was divine.

I ate all of my halves -- Matt was nice enough to only eat 1/4 of his half so that we could take home leftovers to my sister, but he was very happy. We weren't going to do a cake at all (we're not doing a cake cutting ceremony or anything like that) but wanted to check out CeliaCakes and were pleasantly surprised! Definitely highly recommended if you're looking for a cake or cupcakes. 


Anonymous said...

how cool to have a REAL GF bakery near you! it truly helps make the GF life "normal" :)
-erin @ glutenfreewithapurpose

kj said...

That is so awesome that you'll actually get to eat CAKE at your wedding! Congrats!

Liz said...

Yay! So exciting Allie.

We have yet to order, or do our tasting for our June 6th wedding. I need to get better at this wedding planning stuff fast!

Hannah said...

It's great to know that bakeries are catering to people with food allergies. Those cakes are beautiful!