Monday, February 28, 2011

Exciting Gluten Free News!

I just was reading the Gluten Free Appetite blog and saw that Kellogg's will be debuting new gluten free cereals (and snacks) around 6 months from now and there will be gluten free Rice Krispies! Woo hoo! Hoping they make a few more cereals GF as well.

Big news! I need to tell my sister - she is a cerealholic. Not a word, but you know what I mean.

Anyway - check out the GFAppetite blog for more information!


Marlow said...

Holy crap!

camper said...

YES! Very exciting stuff, Thanks for sharing Allie.
Looks like I'll be back in MA sooner then expected. Any suggestions for places to hit if we find ourselves in the city for a night?

Jen said...


Jen said...

This is the cereal I've been waiting for to be GF!!!!!

Quinoa Nutrition Facts said...

Oh my gosh! Kellog's Gluten Rice Krispies made me so happy and excited. I'm looking forward to buying one very soon. Thank you for sharing this great news! Gluten free foods are the best! :)