Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick & Easy Bruschetta

I was at Whole Foods and saw Against the Grain's Rosemary Baguette and decided it would be fun to slice it up and make some easy bruschetta.

Originally it was for company on Friday night, but I ended up making it on Sunday afternoon when the entire house smelled delicious for a bolognese sauce I was making, and having to wait a few hours for it to cook!

I cut up a vine-ripened tomato, half of a red onion, and a few basil leaves, mixed them in a bowl with a touch of olive oil, and added a little to the top of each sliced piece of baguette (the only problem with these are the sliced pieces are teeny tiny, and there are some big holes so it's easy for tomatoes to fall through)... I sprinkled a little pecorino romano on top, and put them in the toaster oven at 375 for about 10 minutes.


And it held off our growling stomachs until the sauce was ready to eat! That post is coming tomorrow.


aurorafedora said...

oh yum, that bread sounds delish! and so does the recipe. we are at the beginning of week three gluten free. i made the most yummy GFCF banana bread today, it was awesome! and we were so relieved to have bread after two weeks without! how pitiful are we?!! keep those recipes and suggestions coming!

Allie said...

hey - the bread is really great, it's made with mozzarella cheese though - and I think you're going dairy free too? if so, schar makes a GFCF baguette & their products are really good.

mmm - banana bread! love it!

Marlow said...

I love that bread so much!!!