Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diet - Week 2

We have entered Week 2 of Joy's LIFE Diet. 

This diet is actually pretty tough.... I don't really like diets that seem unrealistic to real life eating (Atkins, South Beach, Cabbage Soup Diet, etc), but this one seemed pretty good. In the past I did ABS Diet - and I really liked it. In fact, Matt and I have basically been living the ABS Diet (from Men's Health Magazine) for a while, and doing well -- but I wanted a good kick in the bum. And this is a 4 week thing, so at the 4th week, you're supposed to be eating like you would everyday.

Week 1 of the LIFE Diet is the hardest - no sugar or salt, no starches in the evening... It's supposed to be a "cleanse" week, breaking some bad habits. What was really hard for me - was not using salt. I never realized how often I reach for the salt shaker. I didn't really miss sweets too much - but noticed toward the end of the week I really needed some sweet - so I cheated & added Splenda to my tea.

Week 2 allows for a little more -- but a confession -- Matt and I ate at PF Changs on Sunday for lunch, and no, I didn't get a bowl of steamed vegetables.  

Actually, you know what's crazy? On Sunday I ate a bowl of cereal, drank a Skinny Latte (skim milk), had PF Changs (Lettuce wraps, moo goo gai pan, lunch portion with some brown rice), and some carrots with hummus later in the day. Matt and I were SO full from lunch, we didn't eat dinner.... I had weighed myself Sunday morning, and then weighed myself again on Monday morning and I gained 3.8 lbs! What the hell? Do you think it was because of the salt from the PF Changs, especially after almost no salt the entire week?

Anyway - weighed myself again today - and I'm 1 lb away from where I was on Sunday morning.
Speaking of that... here's what I'm eating this week:

Breakfast: Bacon, Egg white (mixed with flax), tomato, light cheese on an english muffin.
Of course - this Glutino english muffin has more calories than I was supposed to have, but again, this diet needs to accommodate my real life - and finding anything gluten free that resembles an english muffin that is under 140 calories just isn't happening.

Today's food: Turkey sandwich (lettuce, tomato & hummus), spaghetti squash with 2 tbsp organic tomato sauce, bag of carrots to snack on, a few pickles, a prune (yum! that's where I get my sweet craving fulfilled, they're like candy), and finally a huge bottle of Sparkling water, that I will refill at least twice with water from the bubbler.

And there you have it -- hopefully I can keep this up!

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Jenny said...

Nice!! I'm sure that weight gain was just a fluctuation. Water retention, sodium, whatever, your body naturally fluctuates. You look great anyway but I know how it is when you're trying to look fab for that wedding dress! I need to be better at planning out food for work.