Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Coffee & Donuts, just like old times....

One of my favorite indulgences before I went GF, was donuts. Oh. My. God. - how I loved donuts. I was actually a bit happy when I found out I couldn't eat them, because I knew they were bad for me... 

I liked the chocolate frosted - or the old fashioned... I especially liked Cider Donuts you got while you were out apple picking - those were the ultimate.

Well -- if you also were a fan of cider donuts, Kinnikinnick makes a GF sugar & cinnamon donut that tastes EXACTLY like those donuts from the farm!

I was at "A Natural Foods Store" in Manchester, NH this weekend and found a wealth of GF goodies (post on that coming soon)... and I got a box of these.... We had JUST been talking about those in the comments, and I knew I had to get them.... YUM.


Jenny said...

**drool** gotta get some! I've never been a huge donut fan, only the Dunkin Donuts Boston Kreme but I would surely go get one so often that the guy new exactly what I wanted every time... so glad I haven't even stepped foot into a Dunkin Donuts in I don't know how long!!

J.J. said...

Ooo! I didn't know that there were Gluten Free donuts on the market. Yum.

Is the texture the same as a regular donut or is it more dense?

Allie said...

Jen -
mmmm, boston kreme, i liked one of those every once in a while for sure!

j.j. - these are more dense, just like an old-fashioned donut.... Kinnik has a few different kinds, i've only tried these, but i have a feeling they're all dense like this! that link in the post leads directly to their donut page ;)

David said...

Hi Allie,
Unfortunately here in Ireland we don't have a big selection of Commercially made GF Products
(thank God because most taste 'GROSS') that's what prompted me to bake my own Bread and Cakes from 'scratch',
I'm also Wheat Free so there's no Codex.
I post on a few forums on both sides of the Atlantic and have posted my recipes on a few of them.
My Web Space contains a lot of Celiac related material + all my recipes. There's also a recipe for GF Beignets (French Doughnuts)
To access click on my name at the head of this post.
P.S. If anyone is travelling to Ireland on Vacation there are also a lot of Photographs from all over Ireland on the site.
Best Regards,